Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Several programs have become available through our various Industry Parent Companies.  Ryan Gene Radio, a Branch Business, from Benny Wireless LLC, our Radio Industry Parent Company, was developed to showcase the Owner on his own radio program and a home for non-censorship and non-taboo.  Holden Entertainment, a Branch Business, from Douglass Ledger LLC, our Journalist Industry Parent Company, was developed to express domestic Actors and Authors...and the gaming abilities of our Owner.  William L.D. Ewing Academy, a Branch Business, from Reagan Promulgate LLC, our Media Industry Parent Company, to teach an actual American learning experience so that people would actually know more than the basic...established via the Owner.  Metropolis Entrepreneurship Minute and Aurora Carnal are both Sector Businesses of this News and Media Parent Company.  Metropolis Entrepreneurship Minute handles and maintains the local relations of the several Chambers of Commerce of the several Municipalities of the State of Illinois and communicates the viewpoints of the domestic economy of the Chief, Captain, and Lieutenant Economists.  Aurora Carnal has created some services for those in the OnlyFans category and more!